Supporting Independent Plumbers

Supporting Independent Plumbers

We’ve launched our new website , aimed at supporting Independent Plumbers & Heating Engineers.


Well mainly because the founder, Chris, has worked in the Gas Industry since the days of “if you see Sid tell him” – if you don’t know what that is, you can be sure he’s worked in it longer than you !

Okay so why now?

We are firm believers in freedom of choice and price for the consumer, in all areas of commerce. Just look at the state for the average UK High Street. We don’t want the “monopoly situation” taking over in our business too!

It is not uncommon these days for the BIG players ( you know who ) in our industry to charge ludicrous amounts for mediocre customer care & average workmanship.

They can do this just because they have large brand awareness. This means unaware customers perceive a greater level of customer service and care just because they are big.

We beg to differ – we know that many one person & small businesses can offer a much greater level of customer care than most of the corporate empires put together. 

We aim to support Independent Plumber & Heating Engineers by raising your profiles & brand awareness to the general public and championing your work and skills.

We have already built up a steady Twitter following and had some fun, but our aim is to shout about the independent installers from the chimney tops (or flue liners).

We are ready to do some serious work on your behalf and you can help us  make it happen too. 

We have included a Installers Discussion Forum so that you can support each other and raise issues you wish us to help you with.

So , add your new listing , register on the Forum and lets make 2016 the best year ever for the independents.

Nicki Cross

The Plumbing Directory Team